Phoneix from the ashes

She was chained by the prejudice surrounding her, ignorance being her saving grace

This little girl, of age five, was stripped of her innocence

The people whispered words of callous, her mother tried to shelter her

Alas the venom leaks through the barrier, and she is exposed to words uncommon to her


“Bastard girl,”

“Sluts little mistake,”

“Condom must’ve broke”

“Child born from disgrace”


She was blinded by perpetualness, their hatred she didn’t comprehend

She did nothing wrong, but still, she felt their glare scorching her skin

Her chest felt heavy, her mind lost in a clouded sea of torment

Though her family tried to comfort her, that little girl changed on that day


The day that marked the death of a child’s confidence

The day she realized nothing was the same

Her heart disintegrated, and only ashes remained.


Twelve years pass, and that little girl becomes a woman

She moved from her home surrounded by serpents

Her skin now glistens, her smile dazzles

That little girl, once so fragile, was unrecognizable


Her confidence is elevated, her self-esteem unmeasurable

She learned to love herself when nobody else would

Her flaws were her perfections, her mind was in a better place

She was God’s wonderful masterpiece,


she wasn’t going to let anybody label her anymore

With her self-esteem re-established, defamation would no longer arise

As Swift as a coursing river, as sudden as wildfires

From those ashes, a rebirth transpired


That little girl, once so young and naive

Became a Phoenix no one could disgrace

That little girl is me.


This poem is about: 
My family


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