To Perm or Not To Perm



To perm or not to perm-that is the question:

Whether it is nobler in the mind to embrace the kink

The twist outs, the rollers and the de-tangler

Or to take a hot comb to those sea of curls

And by pressing, end them. To perm, to relax –

No more – and by relax to say we end

The flat iron’s heat of a thousand suns or 

The singe of the scar above your ear

Women everywhere demand yet detest.

To perm, to relax – perchance to fight for the right 

to whip my hair back and forth.

Yes, there is the catch. For the perm 

Chases away the freedom of the fro’

The kindness of the kink, the courage of the curl

To keep us from wandering into unknown territory.

And thus the maintenance of the hair 

Casts shade over brave thoughts

To further delay the breakthrough

Of a fresh weave- Soft you now, curly locks

Be all my perms remembered.






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