Perfectly Imperfect- a Two-way Conversation.

To be honest,

I am wrongest,

When I pretend to perfection.

I shouldn't say

"I'm quite okay."

When it's not true anyway.

I'd like to be

To ev'rybody

The person who I ought to be.

My failure sticks

And makes me sick

I can't let the world in so quick.


Get up!  Get up!  There's more than this!

You're not defined by that heavy list,

Of actions you do or do not wish

You'd done.


Come out! Come out!  The world needs light!

Toss out the covers on wrong and right,

You'll win this war because you won't fight



Now I stand tall.

When I do fall,

He picks me up again.

I'm not afraid,

To be displayed.

So let the curtains fall down.


There's no more fear.

I am safe here.

The world is my message board.

I'm in the clear,

To let all hear,

My newness is in the Lord.

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