Perfectly Imperfect

I never would have noticed the

Abscess on my elbow

If they had not pointed it out


I strained to see it

Red flushing my skin

Darker than leather


O, you’re right

The words mutter themselves

Tipping hurriedly out of my mouth


So unsightly and disgusting it was

I wondered how I never

Saw such ugly fissures before


They oozed and wept

Seeming to spread across

My elbow, over my back


Slowly slowly slowly

Making its way to my face

To my hands my feet my stomach



Always they would tell me

Of the sores crying on my elbow

And I would see it


There it is across my chest now

Why don’t they ever point that out too?

Just tiresome now?


Is this revolting part of me

So common, they ignore it?

That in their eyes


I am just a misshapen creature?

Quasimodo how you must have felt!

Never would I have noticed it


These black sores disgusting,

Revolting to the eye

If never had they pointed it out.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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