Fri, 01/09/2015 - 20:37 -- AJay
You are so perfect... Why didn't God make me that way?
Perfect bodies, pretty faces, and names to match
Angelina, Scarlett, Meghan, Beyonce, Halle
Pinnacles of grace, the best diamonds
Why didn't God make me that way?

I wish I could see straight and I could keep my room clean
That I could sing like Ariana or Mariah without the pain coming
That I could tell my secrets to the world like Mary
Or woo and break men like Taylor
But I can't cuz God din't make me that way.

I'm that shy kid in the back row
That will never grow up to be like Ciara or Jennifer
I will never taste that golden champagne
Or be as famous as Marilyn Monroe
God didn't make me that way

And I don't want to be that way

I'm the best friend that keeps you laughing
Or that shoulder to cry on when you're sad
I'll take the knife from you hand and clean you up
And write silly stories to make people happy
Because that's how God made me

I'm the sweet nectar in your tea
And I'll lecture for hours on how tea is GROSS
I'll always catch you when you fall
Even if you're as big as an elephant
Because that's how God wanted it

There's no filter to change who I am
No off switch to my awesomeness
There's no point to telling me otherwise
Because who I am is perfect
And that'show God wants me to stay




Loved this. More people need to have an outlook on life like this. Fame means nothing but money and gossip. Keep doing what you love!


Thanks for the comment! :)

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