People Watching

They move without a purpose

They stop and start with the longest pause in between

I don’t have time to stop

I gotta keep moving

If I stop it’s for food

Otherwise they’ll catch me

They scream when they see me

But… I’m not that ugly or anything

I’ve seen my reflection in a puddle or two

I mean I’m pretty cute

I don’t know why they scream at me

And they throw stuff at me!

It’s ridiculous!

Specist… Racist against different species…

Xenophobic!  That works

I just want some food

Sometimes I’ll see food in a new spot and I get really excited

It’s a new spot!

So they won’t take the food!

But my friend one time told me that

When he and his sister found a new food spot

And she died!

So now I don’t trust new food spots

I don’t really know how to get food

But sometimes I’ll risk it and I’ll end up with big big BIGGGG pieces of NICE food

For everyone!  We can all share!

But when it doesn’t go well I get nervous

And my family gets nervous

Especially when they hear the TV playing because then we can’t hear them coming

But I’ve gotten to be pretty good at getting food

And I’ve gotten to be pretty good at watching them

They are not very observant

But I am

And it’s fun to watch them start and stop and start again with seemingly no end

To their ridiculous game of red light green light


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