Peace in Pieces


United States
40° 33' 16.4952" N, 74° 16' 56.9496" W

There is no peace left on this woeful, wistful world;
There is no wonder we worry about wages and wars—
Wars to be waged.
Darkness and violence lurk at every intersection,
Waiting patiently to strike—
Without warning—
Without a reason to.
We sing to distract our minds
From reality;
The morality of humanity
Seems like a fantasy—
A fairytale dream land,
An escape from insanity.
Before, we held peace in our hands;
Now, the friendship of hatred and lust for power
Shove the peace onto the cold, hard ground,
Shattering it into shards of sorrow,
A trillion pieces that could never be put back together;
Like Humpty Dumpty and his great fall,
The fall of the world
Left peace in pieces—
Pieces whose poles are both permanently negative,
Repelling against each other,
Just like the world.



My favorite part of this poem was the meaning of the poem which exposes my truth and inner feelings that often times cannot be communicated outside of a poetic expression.



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