The Path of the Wicked or the Wise

Sun, 06/01/2014 - 19:16 -- Jgilly

Girls will be girls
Boys will be boys
Life creates, Life destroys
Opened the doors, closed the doors
Thoughts collected on the positive corrections
Trying to make the perfect selection
But it seems like im so far away from the right direction
At times i find myself a bit controlling but not to others only to myself
Cant just stand there and watch somebody ask for help
Ive been broken down to the lowest level, had my heart split in two and the split again
Yet I realized that love is still my friend every now and then
Ive seen the world look me right in the eye
Burned straight through me, now my thoughts dont even dare to lie
I confide the ways i feel
but i just cant decide who's steerin the steering wheel
Im lookin two ways
back and forth
past and present
Both lead to the unknown, have to stay away from the path of resentment
I collect the memories, I hold them in wishing I could share them with those who feel like they can never win
Hitting the bottom to rid of those things i despise
and who knows if this path im following belongs to the wicked or the wise
beyond all compare far far away from here, somewhere I dont expect
I'll end looking back on my life and recollect 
capture all the good times lock them in the hypothetical chest in my mind
Let the depression go to waste, I wont be mentally or emotionally blind.
People making the choices, I just dont understand
I guess some of them are just to good to take anothers hand
The tsunami of life crushes those who are weak in the heart
The people that succeed stand and wave their hands on the top of the peak, been this way since the start.


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