Past Loves, Current Nothings and Tomorrow's Nightmares

Sun, 09/04/2016 - 17:22 -- dogma
  1. I told you I loved you over text. You told me you would love me too, if I had a penis inbetween my legs. I begged you not to tell anyone about what happened, and cried in the shower, wondering what was wrong with me. 
  2. You were my first true love and in a way you were my last true love, because you left me broken beyond repair. I don't think I'll be able to feel anything ever again because of you. I don't think I want to just in case you come back, I want to be just the way you left me; tender and heartbroken, so you can wipe the tears away. So you can save me, just like you did all those months ago. Deep down, I know you won't come back. 
  3. I see you everywhere I go. Sometimes I search for you, and sometimes I'm hiding from you. If I were to speak to you again, I don't know what I would say. I want to think I wouldn't kiss you. That I would spit in your face. Slap you. I have no reason to be hostile towards you, necessarily. It isn't you, its your sign. Yet you are a danger to me and I don't want to die by your hand. Not yet, anyway. 
  4. I care for you, and I want you in my life forever, but I know I'll die before then. 
  5. Sometimes I think about where we are now. I didn't want us to end up like this, but here we are. You are happier without me, and I suppose that's okay, because you are alive. I just wish I was able to see you be happy and to experience that joy with you. 
  6. You were my hope, but I was too young and I wasn't what you were looking for. I wasn't what I was looking for. I'm still not what I'm looking for. I hope you are doing well. 
  7. I find myself treating you like a lover when we agreed to remain friends. You take from me but I also don't tell you to stop. You have a person you love and you have more than enough. You're being is synonymous to greed and gluttony. I need to pull myself away before I let you devour me. 
  8. I feel for an angel that can't fall for anyone, and I have never felt more evil. 
  9. I have to stop loving you to save myself. I never felt remorse for doing so, even though a sane person would. I would say I'm sorry, but that would hurt you worse. 
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