The Park


There’s nothing more humbling than

An elderly man

Sitting alone in the park.


His days although limited,

They are consistently filled with

That wooden bench in the park.


What has life taught him?

Newspaper in hand, he skims,

I wonder as I walk in the park.


Maybe I should ask, maybe ask about his life,

It never hurts to wonder, maybe even get some advice.

Children run around the park.


This man, he said to me, “Now listen with your ears,”

“There will be a time and place when you face your greatest fears.”

I sat quietly in the park.


“They will disguise themselves as sorrows, as happiness, and pain,”

“But let this be a lesson, because from them you will only gain.”

Trees swayed in the park.


“Be open!” he said, “because time and time again,”

“You never know what you’ll encounter, maybe a new adventure, maybe a new friend.”

He and I sat smiling in the park.


That’s the last I saw of that elderly man,

Sitting alone in the park.

Because even though friends are found,

They will eventually part.


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