Parallel Footprints

Sun, 09/14/2014 - 14:48 -- Skoves


United States
41° 43' 18.1704" N, 86° 19' 2.6112" W
United States
41° 43' 18.1704" N, 86° 19' 2.6112" W
The strong person finds inspiration in pain and strife.
The weak person wallows in it. 
Choose your person 
Find your strength
Remember who you are,
What you stand for
Its okay to love
To connect
To attach
It doesn't mean that you can't be alone anymore
It means that in spirit
There is another walking in step with you
Parallel foot prints 
Whether they are physically there or not
Those prints are made.
Keep your chin up
Don't feel sorry for yourself
You are smart enough to know the physicality of a friendship
Is only as strong as the two individuals
That make it up
You will not break
You will beam
For now you know you can Love
You have experienced real warmth
There are men, people rather,
That you WILL connect with
Relish the simple touch of
Their flaws will melt away
Disappear to your blind eyes
Their form will mesh into your own 
at times
It will feel like hot sun on your skin after exiting an air conditioned house
You will share long looks
Of tired eyes
And curious expressions
You will see and feel pure beauty
It will open up doors inside of you
You will love yourself even more
This experience has given you 
Don't, not even for a second,
Think that the parting of ways means 
The end
Of this chapter in your book
This reoccurring character.
Stop before you cry for nothing
You know not what comes next in your pages, he very well may be right around the corner. 
Let him go
Do not fear the distance,
Despite your history of fear
You need not fear him.
You need not fear the future.
You need not worry about this. 
For that is what it means to love
Do not forget this.


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