A Paradox Through A Willow

A Paradox Through A Willow

green, blue, white, grey & black
working to hard today can give you a heart attack

Shelter lies dormant amidst it's beckoning plough
a whole host of friends discovering smiles
like a caged rat hidden in a tiny little hole
Death toll

the trees dense pull on the heart
Light transformed illumination
to taste the hollow mast amidst it's core
shallow pools of discovery through the cement floor

Art imitates life at shudder's peak
a call to be brave amidst tragedy in suspense
hope springs a new
The deafening blow of sadness sets in

Care for me sun shine in that pale torn dress
there is something on my heart I must confess
Trees can tell us where we need to go
colors of blue, green & pink

Sullen brevity
times stops now there's no use looking back on the plough
some suffer in silence then awake the new day
A beautiful flower display

the humble need to bow the knee to pray

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My community


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