Para La Violencia

I could see the terror and fright in your eyes
Got stabbed by a shank maybe struck by a wrench
Innocent bystander
Wrong place at the wrong time
I dont speak slander

Man I could just not stand there
Fight or flight
I took my bodies control and flew off to the sky
Yall scared me
My brody ask yourself this, why

Why must you do the things that you do?
Why must you go disrespect you bro or sis in red or blue?

Got me thinking this many times before
But so much drama and seeing first hand
Is just so insanely crazy
Colors are just colors in the light rays hue

Where you from matters
Creates all kinds of disasters
Man can we just please stop

Pop pop blamy
Stopped, door opened and barbarianism went down
Aint no war in another country
But battle field in our owm community

Brown vs. Brown
Why are we on this killing spree
Please, please just stop it
Where your love at young homie

You have so much life to live
You have so much things to see
Dont do this
And get locked in a square room
Till your death 6feet under
Where you will lie in doom.

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this poem should be heard around the community in which you live, it's a good way to help prevent violence espcially in the young.

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