Painting a Picture


The world is a canvas

And nature is the painting

All the colors flow together

To create a beautiful picture


The location determines the temperature

While the seasons pick the colors

Not every day will look the same              

For once it is over, the paint washes away                                 


The start of a new day means a blank page

Nature must paint its picture again

But she must find the colors depicted by the season

Or can she pick the season from the colors she has taken


The purples and greens represent spring

When the flowers open up revealing their colors

Like a gator opens up to reveal his teeth

Or a human opens a present to reveal the surprise


The yellows and the oranges represent summer

When the temperatures rise high

Like the sun rises into the sky

Or like a bird rises into the horizon


The reds and the browns represent fall

When the trees shed its leaves

Like a snake sheds its skin

Or like a dog sheds its hair


The blues and the whites represent winter

When snow starts to fall

Like a giraffe falls taking his first steps

Or like a penguin falls trying to waddle around


Once the colors are chosen

The seasons start to occur

And Mother Nature continues on

Painting her picture she chooses to do


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