The Pain I Feel Inside

The pain I feel inside

is empty and it’s dull

and sinking

and throbbing

and slow.

Like a broken heart,

but with no obvious

cause at all.


Loneliness sets in

and the room gets dark

as I prepare my sin.

One more time

the feeling’s gone

not forever —

but least 'til morn.

I let it in and let it go

it takes a second but — 

Oh, I feel it now!


I sink into the floor,

it wraps around me

and I feel warm.

the Sweetness hits me now

and I become 

one with the ground.

It morphs around me

and within me and

consumes me in a blanket — 


My blanket gives me comfort

and silence in my head.

My thoughts all stop

and I surely don't feel pride

but I do no longer feel

the pain I feel inside.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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