Because I love you, it feels like it was only yesterday,

You looked into my eyes and I told you to stay.

Because I love you I’d get nervous around you,

I didn’t know what to say or what to do.


Because I love you I wanted to be in your arms all night,

Your hold made me feel safe and tight.

Because I love you I’ll always think about us,


Because I love you I won’t hold you back,

I know you want to get up, leave, and pack.

Because I love you my eyes fill up with tears,

I continue thinking back to all the years.


Because I love you as I watch you walk away,

I want to look at you and say…


Because I love you,

I will send you on your way,

I’ll try my best to be okay.

I’ll watch you walk out of the door as you leave,

But I want you to be happy so Ill set you free.


Because I love you, I won’t say that I love you,

I’ll just hug you so I don’t keep you back and wipe the tears I cry,

This is our goodbye.




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