Other Side of Paradise

Fought so long and hard that I've forgotten who I am,

Breathed the dust of angels and choked on the sand,

Wrestled with the devil and bled scarlet, heavy red,

On the other side of Paradise, where I lay almost dead.

Squeezing and suffocating, because the life had gone,

Too worn out and tired from the long race I had run,

Contemplating why I had ever asked to fight,

On the other side of Paradise, where hell consumed the night.

The fire won't stop burning because of flames within,

And my mind's wheels are turning at the thought of sin,

Loving the sound of battle and yet dreading to go home,

On the other side of Paradise, where darkness sat on throne.

My King had not forsaken me; He had not gave up yet,

And His shining sword of Virtue had not ceased to forget,

In my misery and chains, He knew how to break them.

On the other side of Paradise, where God is the only greatness.

I lift my head and heart, for God will hear my plea,

Jesus came to rescue helpless, hopeless slaves like me,

So if you're crushed in darkness and don't know where to turn,

On the other side of Paradise, is where your Hope will burn.


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