She waits there waiting for the time she has been waiting for, to be forgotten was not her choice from every point of view she has been with a smile that never disappears. But one day when she stands there looking at this  symbol of justice done right for every shape, type, size of women 12 size plus model. She saw what she feels and inferior in what might be mistaken to be like her and jealousy and hatred to this women who had no excuse to be in a such a category. A cloud passes over her head to have her realize that this image that is press against her is use to say that it her image that needs to be forgotten. What could she do now? That gap hole of what is normal and what is considering heavy had been filled with the constructive idea of what is the ideal standard. When did the sign “pulse size” became the image of woman with large breast and a not so thigh stomach. A woman that will never hear the words of rejection  and dismay. She had found the light that had blinded her of what she saw was the reason for her unhappy quarrel. Because if one woman is to impact the ideal look of a woman and another is supposed to be her rival of objection yet she still is nor where near the reflection of an ordinary woman. How can the woman staring back at the two feel the same contempt of satisfaction that she has been finally projected on a build board? When did the  translation became lost of how I’m supposed to be? One last glace she gave the window that projected her soul and with everything in place she smiled on to another because all she ever wanted to seen has been right in front of her. Her own reflection became her ideal looker, right alone her side and above to confront those around her to make them think and feel that they are Ordinary. 


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