Only Lonely


December morning comes
she opens up the shade
the sky is stormy gray
it's just another day...
She shivers as she looks
back to the bedroom
where her lovers
live in books
stacked upon the shelf...

She dresses slowly in an old familiar way
she pours herself a drink
to brace her for the day...
A walk down the front stairs
the rain bites her coldly
a street where no one cares
nobody there to hold her...

she's only lonely...

She draws the curtains,
hoping someone comes to call
there's always someone there
when no ones there at all
imaginary friends
imaginary faces
someone to pass the time
someone to listen to her...
only lonely
only lonely

She pours another drink and settles in her chair
she lights a candle and imagines
that he's there
she drinks to ease the pain
she drinks to ease the anger
it's just another day
another fading moment...
she's... only lonely
only lonely

This poem is about: 
Our world


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