The One Who Saves

The One who calls from the Light,

declares all who submit will be free.

I have seen what life in Death has done,

almost stealing my life away from me.


For fiery passions and endless sadness,

have been in my heart since I was a child.

Searching for something to fill the void,

I wanted a world less empty and defiled.


But as to what I thought would redeem me;

what I thought would rescue me from myself?

Death only took away my sanity.

I became a shadow of myself. 


Isolated and paranoid,

Resting in the cold hands of Death.

I stumbled and I fell hard,

losing hope in my ability to take a breath.


My mother was afraid

and gave threats to get me evaluated.

But I laughed right in her face

and said, "Go ahead. I'm already hated."


I had fallen off the deep end. 

I had finally dug my grave deep.

I lost the will to continue living,

preparing for my long eternal sleep.


But then I was brought to Church,

And our family began to go together.

I fought tirelessly and complained,

refusing the entire circus althogether.


I fiercely blockaded my mind,

fighting the Word the pastor said.

I tirelessly fought the Word of life;

my life merely pathetic and dead.


But there was a knocking at my door, 

so many hard days later.

A door that was barricaded shut,

And was being approached by the Agitator.


Furious thoughts and irrational fears.

For what was this new sensation?

Was this how I was to be broken further,

to bring me to the final destination?


But a hand reached out in my mind's eye,

seeking out to find my own.

The hand sought after my acceptance;

a simple gesture of love was shown.


Breathing deep, I couldn't believe,

I saw something I had never seen.

I was never given an opportunity before,

To be a part of something much greater than me.


So, grasping the hand of the Creator,

giving Him the keys to my heart.

I handed Him all of turmoil,

that nearly tore my life apart.


I live my life differently now,

because I gave my everything to Him.

He has saved me from destroying myself;

a person's life on it's last limb.

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