One Reality

Sun, 12/04/2016 - 11:34 -- cc28

As junior year drew very near,

I wondered what would come of this next year.

Would I get into the college of my dreams?

Would it be as difficult as it seemed?


I feared for my future, so delicate and frail

Ever hidden in a mysterious veil.

Where would I go? What would I see?

This year was oh so important to me.


I kept up my grades in each and every course,

College was no doubt my motivating force.

I joined many clubs and made many friends,

And didn't even notice the year draw to an end.


I continued to volunteer and sing and dance,

My favorite extracurriculars that I knew would enhance,

The exposure I had to the diverse would around me.

It helped me be a part of the larger community.


I realized as I finished my exams for AP's,

That all of my fear was unnecessary.

It all came down to maintaining peace of mind,

And remembering that all futures are undefined.


That summer, I got an internship to my surprise.

And it was a rather difficult enterprise.

Using computers I learned about the brain,

But it was more than just information that I obtained.


I learned what it meant to be a part,

Of something destined to help people right from the start.

I understood research to be a fantastic race,

To help make the whole world a much better place.


I visited my family in India for a change,

But lost someone dear to me from an illness too strange.

As my life passed before my eyes in a glance,

I realized how many things are just due to chance.


I learned how important it is this past year,

To enjoy every moment, every smile, every tear,

To not worry about what the future has in store,

But embrace the present for its glory and galore.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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