one part of my life i wish i could do all over again


i don't want anyone to be confuse

i love women

i adore women

in life, it's not all about sex

don't get it twisted, i love sex

through my series of sexual encounters

the little head tells the big head what to do

i have needs as a man

even though my satisfaction was fulfilled

and my pleasure in pulling a woman's hair

spreading her legs, massaging her body

arouses me where climax was surpass to its highest peak

but it was only short terms enjoyment 

in the midst of attaining a woman's desire

the outcome of sexual relations i had with women could've been different

lost out on friendship

lost out on partnership

forget the fact i lost count past 50..............

i'm lying, it was actually 96

forget the fact, how many times i did it with women

that's actually true, i did lost count

i'm not here to brag about my playboy lifestyle

i'm not here to trash anyone

my provoking thoughts has given a whole perspective that life is not all about sex

sex is a word in a dictionary

until someone special gives it a meaning

i'm sure those women more than likely hate my guts

and that's understandable

i'm here to apologize like a man

and although the outcome has change dramatically

hope you have a forgiving heart 

in which lessons are deeply rooted and engraved

that's one part of my life i wish i could do all over again


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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

it's a powerful piece

poem that expresses bold, and courage to tell a true story

no one should ever pass judgement

thanks 4 reading it

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