One Job That Will Change My Life Forever

Ever since the beginning my heart has yearned to explore,

A sensation of curiosity bubbling within the very depths of my soul.

No nook or cranny could hide their secrets from me,

As I stood at the gates of life and threw them open.


As a child, my adventures were small,

Investigating the dark crawl space at my church,

Going up to the roof of my house, or my “castle” as I liked to call it.  

Things that appeared daring and bold to a seven year old.


As the years flew by, the adventures augmented in size.

My travels soon took me across the vast expanse of the ocean

To far away places: London, Paris, and Madeira,

All new and exciting people, cultures, and views.


Now that I stare my future square in the face,

Like a knight staring into the brave unknown that is his quest,

I realize that in order to be satisfied with my occupation,

I must find something with time for a long vacation.


For this world is too breathtaking not to be explored,

And I want to gaze on all of its hidden jewels.

I may not be 100% sure about what I want to do yet,

But anything that allows me to travel will be the job that changes my life.




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