The One Job That Could Change My Life

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 05:57 -- tayler0


I feel the warm lights on my skin

I hear the voices of impatient souls

I see the opposing character to my side

And I can just taste this sweet tasting goal


Every since I was a little girl

“I want to be her!”

Is all I said

I mimicked the lines

Bought the dress

And I was going to be her, no more and no less


Walking around with my caramel brown skin

And a smile that shines through the night

I wanted to be THAT girl

The one on the screen

The one that falls in love

The one with a dream


And I still do, till this very day

Want to be any girl possible

Desiring her life in every way

I want to know what it’s like to wear her clothes

                                                To carry her voice

 To embody her

This is my ultimate choice



I wish to engrave another being in myself

To release my soul into another’s heart

To unleash my mind into another’s thoughts


I want to be the one to pave the way for others

For girls like me who are stereotyped

For girls like me who are typecast

For girls like me who are considered “minorities”


I desire to make a difference

To be part of the realm of success

From rags and lines like “Yes Suh”

To riches and roles that bless


To win the award of the Hollywood Heavens

Would mean more to me than a dream

It would be the symbol of God’s talent

That he has instilled in me


So to me it’s more than getting the degree

And becoming a good mother and a wife

I believe dreaming big, and being a star will be the one job that could change my life



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