The One I Need

Wed, 02/11/2015 - 12:01 -- Emenate

I can recall when I met you gorgeous

I was amazed when I glanced at you girl

You mean so much in case you don’t notice

Who would have thought you’d mean the whole wide world

Your lovely smile and your lovely laugh

Was quite enough to catch my attention

I really need you, know…I got your back

Mother of my child not to mention

So eager to find your true happiness

The secrets of keeping you…beautiful

Even though it seems like a tragic mess

We’ll manage to get it and make it through

It’s true we may not have much but love’s all

Endless love if the person is the one

Every second I see you my eyes fall

For you, because you’re the one…there’s none

That can replace your plain beautiful soul

Struggles are nothing but just a lesson

Creating a family…reached my goal

As of today we are really stressing

But hey! We’ll learn throughout we will achieve

There’s nothing better than our love time

You’re my heart the baby makes it bleed

When I met you I knew I was so right

You’re the one I want…You’re THE ONE I NEED

This poem is about: 
My family


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