One day we will be , Women


We are not Women. We Are not Ladies. If the only thing that makes up adults is our age, then we are adults. But we are not Grown Up. We are Girls. And we wont be made Women by Physical Coming of Age. Nor by losing our Token of Innocence whether by lust or love. We are Not made Women by Conception or Deliverance of a Child and Not by the Responsibility of the lives of Us and Our Children. Paying Bills Will Not Make Us Women. BUT these experiences do trigger the motion of entering Womanhood.  We become Women when we understand what we girls are searching to understand. Its differnet for everyone, whether its to understand yourself or independentence or responsibility or how to love. Because We Search We are Girls. Girls whom Open their Legs and Hearts to our generation's demeaning conception of love instead of opening our eyes. Girls who give birth and try to raise a child , pretending to know what theyve gotten into. Living on their own but needing assistance from others and not asking for help. We are Girls until we realize that our thought process is can actually be logical and until we arent searching for an answer to fill the void but helping our children find answers. We are Girls but One Day , maybe not graduation day and maybe not our wedding day maybe not in the near future but In The Future We Will Be Women.


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