One Day


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One day, i found you had left me, that beautiful smile never to be seen again. Your bright blue eyes like the Caribbean sea that soft sun kissed skin warmer then the sun itself vanished instantly.

One night, I laid in bed with you on my head screaming, crying, moaning, groaning, and crying some more until my body couldn't control me anymore. So i pushed myself to a slumber and there you were like a goddess from back under. You greeted me with a winning smile as we talked for what seemed for miles.

One day, I abruptly woke up from that slumber truing to remember what you said to me, something about a lock and a key, or maybe that time I had to sneeze, or maybe i was just sleep walking but it didn't matter because your still gone and i wont remember.

One month, its sad to say that i can no longer see your face during my days of reminiscing. Oddly enough I am capable of seeing every detail of you in my dreams, like how last night you wore your hair up while we ran around tossing and turning through the crowd of are laughter, but now that i'm awake your merely just my dream.

My dreams, were given to me by my imagination, and my imagination has used every speck of our past to conceive me a future with you. Like a book being personally criticized by its writer, just getting ripped up and rewritten but in first person instead of third.

My memory, has slowly faded away like the chalk on the side walk after a storm. I vaguely remember something blue but i can't decide if it was your hair, your skin, or your shoes... wait, who's hair, who's skin, who's shoes, who's you?

Maybe one day i will remember.

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