One Day......



Why are they doing this? What did I do wrong? I can't tell anyone, they won't believe me? Maybe if I  do better in school it will stop?  Maybe I should run away? Would anyone notice? Does anyone notice? I am so ashamed I let this go on! I probably deserved it........ 

One day my job will change the world

One day my job will causes nations to join

One day my job will change the way others think

One day, someday soon my job will change my life.

My job will make children feel better about themselves, it will make them feel safe

My job will help parents understand that it is not their fault 

My job will help children feel as though the bad guys have been caught

One day my job will not only change my life but it will change the life of others.

One day my job will help answer these questions that have been asked been asked by me and other like me... We are survivors, sexual abuse survivors are not weak 

We will overcome.... One Day



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