One day

Dear my almost lover, 

One day when I hear your name it won't ache.

One day when I might hear your laugh I won't go running.

One day when I might see you I won't go chasing after you.

One day when lighting strikes or it might just be the last day on earth, you won't be the one I'll be running towards.

One day when when I hear your song play I won't scream the lyrics and giggle around my livinging room.

One day when someone calls me I won't be hoping it's you.

But only if one day could be just around the corner because today is a symbol of my misery.

Today is smiling in my face when my heart aches.

Today is laughing when he sees me missing you. 

Today doesn't eveny me oh no it gloats in my suffering. 

Today is equivalent to the sorrow I feel. 


Sincerely, One day

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