One Day

Mon, 08/03/2015 - 17:26 -- A.Marie

One day,

I'll hold your skin in the palms of my

hands and breathe in time with your



One day,

I can bask in the feeling of infinity in

your arms and press promises against

your forehead with my lips.


One day, 

I will soak in your warmth like

a neglected sponge- and you will just

have to squeeze it back out of me.


One day, 

I will sing to you instead of speaking

some song that you do not know, and you

can give me that sleepy smile of yours in return and


One day, 

We won't have to play pretend unless

we're telling stories about castles

and dragons and


One day,

I'll interlace our fingers todether, 

and you'll make some joke about some 

famous guy and


One day,

You can yell at me for falling asleep on

my drafts again and getting ink 

on my face and


One day, 

I'll be able to wisper my love agaisnt

the shell of your ear or the curve or your

brow or the bone of your hip and


One day,

We will have more days than we know

what to do with, but we will still beg for


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