One bullet, one gun.

Tue, 07/09/2013 - 13:31 -- tricy07

One bullet one gun.  

One soul and a gun,

lonely, in need of justice.

This bullet will prove a point, everyone is equal.

All the pain annihilates the value in materials.  

One bullet one gun is America’s cry for help,

the bad things that happen to good people.

This bullet is the voice of the unknown.

We ignore it every day,

even the blind are not blind.

We see it, we hear it , taste it, experience it , we are it.

This is the only way out.

Do you know how it feels to live in hell on earth?

How come the voices never stop?

Does smiling make it all fade?... No but,

This bullet can take the pain away.

What a selfish act, not thinking about how others will be affected.

You think you’re the only person who just wants to die already.

Self pity is shameful.

Get out of it.

Throw that bullet away, burn the gun.

 It’s not the way out, there are other options.

Tell me this whoever said life would be easy?

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