Once a Thought to be Betrothed

Wed, 08/07/2013 - 02:27 -- Emily

Once, a thought to be betrothed,

So long that was a thought ago.

To shift from love to vex right then,

Confusion over my heart's delicate den.

A kiss, a hug, embrace so sweet;

Never again to have that glee.

One glance to see your soul that lies beneath,

To see your true colors, venomous underneath.

How long did thee yank upon my fragile soul,

To cause such grief, to an adolescent's stroll?

To ponder upon, frolic about,

Mustn't you toy with a precious girl's grounds?

Goodbye. Oh well! The days are old and gone.

Once a zeal for you, is now like a yawn.

I pray vain, for him more, down life's road,

For the boy, I once, a thought to be betrothed.





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