Once Laid Footsteps

Once Laid Footsteps 

The remnants of once laid footsteps oppressed my memory, Everywhere I traveled I would see memories of people that were once there, Disappear.

The memories were alluring, agonizing, and amusing,
The kind of moments that you never forget,
No matter how old you get.

I began to wonder as to how many people have walked in that same exact spot before,
But then my imagination would start to run amok,
All the history that occurred on a small scrap of land,
All that piece of land has witnessed and how many memories it holds.

I began to lose focus on my own life,
Everything I did seemed to lack purpose,
I tried, I tried, I really did,
But it was if I was powerless against these memories.

Staring out of a window of a moving vehicle you begin to notice patterns,
The schedules of different people that play out every day,
And I start to wonder if the ground knows us better than we do ourselves.

Soon I began to realize that as humans,
We can never understand the full extent of the world as well as the ground we place our feet on,
And the footsteps we once laid.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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