Once I Write

The one thing that ignites the light

Which excites my mind from day to night

Is the delight I feel once I write

All my focus is on the trains of thought

All I notice is what I jot on the spot

I get lost in this special moment

This happiness I feel, I hope to hold it


My mistress, Creativity, says I must keep going

She’s so seductive, it makes me feel so productive

Writing is enticing, not something to be fighting

Here, all my problems go away

I can hop on a cloud and float away

Yes, I do know my way

Is different compared to your pick me up

As long as I’m not down

But up, and off the ground

Positivity will surround

Now, how’s that sound?

Creating a genuine smile

Fueled by love for writing with style


Not violent, but at peace in this mind state

Not silent, but outspoken, it’s a fine date

to rhyme great, so why wait?

I’d be glad to pick up a pad

A fresh pen, and some loose paper

I can’t help but smile about what few favor,

Not just a simple scribe, but the sole creator

Of my own world of words which bursts with flavor

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