At Once I Knew


I sing a song,

a song i sing,

sitting on a tire swing


Loving, living, breathing air

summer breeze blows in my hair

The birds disburse as notes fly away

Laughter echoes, as we sing all day


Blades of grass bow at our feet

as we dance to our own beat

clouds pass by the thoroughfare

up above, we lay and stare


Its not the time, the lack of  DO's

that brings me here, this place, with you

Its through the DID's, as well, the DOES.

which we find time to spend, as US.


And though we drift our separate ways

when joy today, turns into days

and soon our thoughts forget this time

the time we spent, "wasting time"


And either we say "Yes i do"

or "what's that girls name, that once i knew?"

our paths were crossed and always will

a memory for when we're sad,


and ill.



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