Once the City

Fri, 07/12/2013 - 13:01 -- Is-ela


Pouding, pouding, pounding away

The remains of a once loved city

Crumbling away under them

They don't even see

Eyes hopeful enough to imagine a light at the end

Ways of fixing what they've destroyed

Crumbling away the joy of a once kept city

Digging their ditch farther and farther to the depths of the world


The children of today need to be the saviors of tomorrow

Our last hope

The hope of billions is too much to carry alone

Those of today must obey the laws of tomorrow

Survival is our only doubt now

Surivival of the of the once wealthy city


It's people afraid of loosing the shade of the tumbling buildings

Their comfort lost with the last snap from the bones of the tall

Alone, none to come down from the homes built high over head

Sailing above the city in the safety of the silk bushes nestled in the floating ocean

Shouting for survivors, only retireving the ones who can pay the fee

Dropping them back on the ruins of their once great city







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