Oh well

I knew you never thought .

Presumed that you could feel.

Never assuming the worst of you.

It was a baffling tale to reveal.

Concluding this could be through.


Lingered on the edge of fervor.

Resentment stowed upon your shelf.

Fell down in a vivid  styyle.

Sentenced to revolving Hell.


What could be expected ?

A fable of your point of view.

Upon sealing back in the shell.

You shrugged and whispered “oh well.”


Oh well , what could you say?

Oh well , too late to pray.

There aren’t words left to say.

Oh well , You’ve gone away.






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Wold someone please do a couple of things for me

1. If you either like or hate ... tell me

2. Can someone explain the relevance on these poems to famous poets?

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