Oh, Sandy...why?

Oh, Sandy...why?
You took away 285 lives,
My father's business too,
Leaving us in the dark,
Not knowing what to do,
We didn't have heat,
Listening to the radio we were glued to our seat,
Wave after wave, you crashed into Daddy's store,
Sending his cars crashing right out the door,
Oh, Sandy...Why?
Oh, Sandy, couldn't you have given us a chance to say goodbye?
Overnight you stole lives and perished dreams.

Oh, Sandy...why?
Oh, Sandy...did you mean to make my Daddy cry?
In a blink of an eye we stood in teams.
Hand in hand, we fought,
We fought, we fought, we fought.
We were tired of crying,
There were too many dying,
So why not count our blessings and start to pray?
Then, Daddy said, "We'll take it day by day,
We're all here aren't we?
God saved us all didn't he?"
Oh, Sandy...I have a story for you,
Oh, Sandy...you better believe that it's true!

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To all those who have lost loved ones, homes, and businesses in Hurricane Sandy...are hearts and deepest thoughts are with you at all times. We have all faced similar situations, but together we can all help one another.

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