Oh God, My God

The men are being slaughtered 
The women being tortured
Oh God, My God, where are you?
To save them from this fate? 
The 'N' marks the houses
Of those who praise your name.
They've been forced from their homes
And have spread like wild flames.  
Oh God, My God, where are you now
To save them from this fate? 
The mountains will not save them
Nor will the food provided
Only the power of your hand
To strike the enemies divided. 
Your grace bestowed upon the righteous
And your care among the helpless
Your strength among the weak
And your love among the hopeless.
Show them your light--so blinding
To give them hope in your works
Show them that you have a plan
Even though the present hurts. 
We cannot see what you have in store
Except that it will be for your glory
I pray that we trust in your plans
And look for the bigger story. 
I see you now Oh God, My God
Your presence in the gleaming sun 
Your power in the infinite sky 
Oh God, My God to you I run! 
I am alive and living this day,
Not knowing when it is my time 
But I pray that when it does come,
I have lived for you in every way. 
And when my enemies tempt me,
And tell me to deny your name,
Give me confidence in life everlasting
For it will be your name I claim. 


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