I must fight against forces of which I have no power over.


Those around me maybe able to overcome such obstacles, but..


They aren't like me, entering these situations and drowning, drowning without even getting a breath of air to begin with.


I find myself once again entering a Boss Fight, barely enough MagicPoints to cast a single spell.


Each second, each word, knocks me down from the pedastal of confidence I worked so hard to build.

Can I keep reaching out in desparation, hoping for another hand to grab mine and pull me out?

Is it alright for me to rely on the help others this way, with each and every moment going

Tick tick tick..


I hide behind my own defenses, and allow others to go out and experience that which I fear.


Shaking palms, tripping over words and stumbling through social situations.

I'm not ready.

I'll never be ready.


Don't make me grow up.


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