The Odysessy

The Odyssey. 



Remember when we first walked the halls as freshmen

Calm and cool and


No: That is because we ran

Flew through the halls like cardinals

Small and 

Wide eyed, high pitched cries 

Ready to paint the walls red just because we 



We thought we were the new thing, 

Invincible, inimitable,


New blood pumped through the school like a transfusion

Really, we were cubs in a walled-in savannah

New to the jungle-gym of teenage years, New to the monkeybar rungs to


We stank of Fresh Meat.



Soon the years whizzed by and by

Now we realize that time is a better Cross Country runner

Than some of us would like to admit

We were electric, atoms whizzing by

And between crashing into one of each other or 

Linking up like diatomics 

We looked back at ourselves and smiled

Some of us for the first time in a long, long while


And we smiled because we were young

We were young and maybe dumb, maybe broke and

Broken some more but we

Would be unlike anything the world would ever see

Inimitable, incredible,


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
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