Ode To The Wind

Ode To the Wind


I love to watch you wind,

as you sway the trees and blow

across the fields in a gentle breeze,

but I wonder where you go.


You disappear sometimes

in a mischievous sort of way

then when I least expect it

you come back out to play.


You sing a tune in Winter

that seems so harsh to some,

but I for one feel lucky

when I hear your music come.


In Spring you gently billow

and bring life back again.

No matter what the season,

I love to hear your wind.


When you come a calling

on a warm day in July

you fill my heart with calmness

with your sweet, sweet lullaby.


Your summer breaths are subtle

with every chord you sound,

and in Autumn you’re pure magic

when leaves start rustling round.


Your icy winds of November

that rouse the calmest sea

bring danger to the sailors,

but never frighten me.


For I crave to hear you murmur

with bravado of your tales

of your journey across the horizon

as November’s fiercest gales.


Oh wind, Oh wind I love thee.

You’re music to my ears

and you’ve given me much pleasure

for oh so many years…

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