An Ode To Silence

Don't cry for me, I've made up my mind.

I want to thank you throughout my life for being so kind.

This wasn't your fault, the decision was mine.

I guess you can say I lived my life and now it's a flatline.

It's not that I wanted to leave, but I couldn't stay.

I want you to know I'll watch over you every day.

To all my friends, you were all hard to find.

It's okay you didn't notice that I was in such a bind.

It's not like I showed a single sign.

When you asked I said, "I'm fine."

There is so much I have left to say.

There is nothing to do but endlessly pray.

I'm not sure what made me so blind.

What made me so cruel, so crookedly spined.

I suppose over time I lost my shine.

I guess I should say my time was finally at an align.

Please don't allow me to venture astray.

My heart is full in a good way.

It's full of memories, of you and I.

That's why I'm asking you not to cry.

Don't cry for me, I'll be okay.

My life was woven and I, myself, let it fray.

I know it's hard to say goodbye.

But it's time for me to learn to fly.

I love  you  so very much.

I'll miss the tenderness of your touch.

The way you laughed, the way you smiled.

The way you held me much like a child.

I didn't want this to happen, but it did.

Please remember how I lived.

It's time to go now, I see a light.

I've raged war and lost my fight.

My wrists tell my story, as my eyes scream in pain.

All of my hatred has been in vain.

I'm meeting my maker, the great Lord above.

My advice is don't give up when push comes to shove.

I rest in peace and know I was cherished.

Despite the way that I ultimately perished.

My thoughts of course, are forever with you.

Please understand there was nothing you could do.



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