Ode to Computers

Oh, computers, how I adore you

Your blocky, boxy body

And chaotic crossing keyboard

Are always there for me


Through thick and thin

I can always count on you

To delete my work

And refuse to save it too


You cooperative piece of technology

You are always with me

To help me lose my mind

To push me to the brink of insanity


I love how your internet

Never seems to function

When I have a test to study for

Or a project in need of completion


I love how I break my hands

Pounding and pouring my love

Into your desktop screen

And giving it a caring shove(off a cliff :D)


There are days when my love overflows

Because you have deleted my files(so thoughtful)

And I must leave your presence

For tears of joy come to my eyes


Other days I must profess my love

To you with words others call crude

But they'll never understand

The depth of my love for you


Oh, computers, how I love you

I could never let you go

I will love you to pieces



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