Ocean of Fears

You ripped out my heart and threw it at my feet.

You told me I lost my mind, that’s not really fair.

You listened as it slowly thumped its last beat.

You laughed in my face as I tried to gasp for air.

Maybe it wasn’t entirely your fault.

Maybe I had a part in it all.

I let myself get caught.

I let myself fall.

Why can’t you just get out of my life?

Why do you keep putting salt in my open sores?

Why are you continuously twisting the knife?

Why won’t you realize I’m no longer yours?

You had me for quite a while.

You made the decision to let me go.

You enjoyed stealing my smile.

You say that you didn’t mean to, but I know you know.

Thanks for choosing heroin over me you heartless asshole.

Thanks for ruining everything I thought my life was turning into.

Thanks for torturing me and ripping apart what was left of my soul.

Thanks for making every single thought I have all about you.

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i love how the words on the screen can create a picture in my head. this is was a beautiful piece of poetry. NICE JOB! :) 

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