I'm running out of things to numb the pain,

I have nothing anymore and it's driving me insane.

People say life is too short to be alone,

But nobody wants me, didn't you know?

Our society is made up of looks and faces, 

Made up of hurting people of shape, looks and races.

Why do people say those things?

Say things that can ruin someone's everything.

I am a victim of loneliness,

But I don't want to leave because of my covetousness.

These songs of heartbreak are an addiction,

Feeling like I am living in a world of fiction.

Lies and tears,

Have ruined my years.

They carry my hope away,

Leave me barren so I got nothing to say.

The earth will crumble and burn,

And I will still be here to cry and yearn.

The pain is too much to bear,

And I notice that nobody ever seems to care.

So I will sit here in society,

Keep on numbing myself and fearing my own sobriety.


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