i don't know you
but where you lay
in black and white
a paragraph 
of your sixteen years

they forgot about the time
your gum got caught in you hair
and you cut off
your only golden curls

but wait 
that waz me
and this is you

a tiny, printed section
on my page
next to an ad for America online

"you can talk to anyone,anywhere"
but you cant
i cant

and that's what happened

had you planned it out 
like i had
what happened to you?
did you crash your Mommy's car?
did you crack you porcelian smile?
did you try to talk?
but were silenced?
or worse 

you could have been like me
or me like you

in a cruel situation
in a high school hypocrisy

but i blinked
and never saw you in the halls
eyes never met
paths never crossed

life's a little joke on you
your no more
than a ink stain
on my paper

by: charity istalena bugg 



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