Not Who I Was

Fri, 01/10/2014 - 21:49 -- 383225

As I sigh my past replays. A pulse 

Beating in my head. Remembering my old

Cruel self. I was

Desperate, desperate to be free from my 

Ever present fears and 

Failures. Remembering my tears and pain.

Giving in to things that

Harmed myself and others.

Instead of learning from my mistakes, I

Just repeated them and

Kept my regrets locked up inside me.

Lately, I've been imagining what 

My life would be like if I didn't change. I wonder 

Now how I could ever begin to thank the all

Omniscient one. In times of struggle,

Prayer is now my crutch. I still have unanswered

Questions but by faith I am 


Softly spoken and a

True believer is what I want my legacy to be. What I

Used to find pleasure in cannot compare to the

Vibes I get knowing I am free.

Words cannot explain the change in me.

xcited for the future, but remembering the past.

Yesterday is gone, and so is my mask. A quick 

Zip through my past, and I am thankful that I am not who I was.


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