Not-so-Low-key Sexism

Why turn on
Why turn off
Are we appliances
Because I am not a doormat.
I love you, but I'm not some cow
giving you milk whenever you need it.
And I need neither your flush nor your milk to make me a woman.
I am not your Barbie doll.
I am not made of china or plastic.
I am flesh and blood
With whole libraries breathing in my head
and filling up my soul.
You would think someone with high scores
In all of their English classes
Would work out what they mean to say.
But I am lost in my rage
The fogbank of a red, unforgiving sea.
I am robbed of all good sense.
I stand, lost, unable to combat
Wrongs superior numbers defend,
Helpless before their laughter
No more able to defend myself
Than when I was a child.
Despite what I know,
Despite my words,
I am the idiot,
For you hear nothing.

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