Not Over You



Not Over You

I thought i was over it all

the pain, the distress and the drama

i couldn’t help but to notice that your broken heart seemed to call

but i didn't get the message, it wasn't for me.


My head and heart have been fighting for some time


i wish they could come to a conclusion


before i lose my mind


They say you can die from a broken heart


it seems like i die a little on the inside every single day


thinking that dying would be the best solution


to end this constant ache in my heart


waiting for you to wake up and find that i am the one for you


to make our hearts become one


to make my dreams come true


but sadly enough is enough


It's time to stop dreaming


and get real


nothing will ever happen and


nothing ever will


Must come to a conclusion


and set my heart and mind in place


that i'm not over you


and that’s just something I have to face.




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